Veronika started Jazz Dancing at the age of 5 with Clementine José, who introduced her students to the stage from the very beginning on. Right from the start she fell in love with performing on stage and developed an interest for different dance forms such as ballet and tap dance.

Veronika started tap dancing with musical theater performer Nane Okekunle (Ludwigsburg, Germany) and continued her studies in Ray Lynch’s (Stuttgart, Germany) two-year Professional Tap Dance Program strengthening her tap dance technique. During this program Veronika became an independent performer, teacher and choreographer. Together with her colleague Roswitha Eisner she founded the tap dance duo Just Us 2 with which she performed at various festivals and competitions throughout Germany.

Veronika extended her tap dance technique with Steffen Wolz (Wüzburg, Germany) who facilitated her interest in reconstructing and reenacting tap dance repertoire such as Laura by Buster Brown, I know what you know by Henry Le Tang and The Bambalina by Eddie Rector. For her research Veronika analyzes tap dance movement concepts of these historic choreographies.

At the Württemberg State Sports School Veronika obtained a Trainer C License enabling her to teach tap dance at various schools in Germany and Poland such as at the Academy of Slupsk (Poland) with Prof Dr Brusniak. For her teaching Veronika incorporates results from her research using comprehensive movement analysis to facilitate learning of tap dance movements. Currently Veronika studies tap dance at various locations in New York City and broadens her dance techniques in theater dance and ballet classes.

Veronika is fascinated by the dance forms of the 20s, 30s and 40s. During that time tap dance diversified in many styles and techniques and showed cross-links to many other dance forms such as Swing and Ballroom. In her leisure time Veronika loves to dance Lindy Hop and Charleston.