Veronika’s love for music, movement and dance was sparked by her elementary music teacher Karola Mallwitz. After attending her elementary musical program at the age of 3 she continued taking piano lessons with Karola throughout her school time until she was admitted to the Music Education Program at the University Würzburg. Karola’s spirit to always maintain the connection between music, movement and rhythm inspired Veronika to learn to play a variety of musical instruments (piano, double bass and recorder) and at the same time focus on movement and dance.

Following her urge to develop and share this understanding Veronika studied music ecudation and philosophy at the University of Würzburg (Germany). During the Music Education Program (Master of Arts) Veronika pursued her interest in the interrelationship between music and movement by focusing on intercultural music education, development of material for music lessons and philosophy of music and dance. She wrote the children’s book Milena and Fidelius in which a German and a Polish bear prepare to attend an international dance competition. This book promotes intercultural experience for children by drawing from Polish and German musical heritage and stimulates singing and dancing in an open-minded setting. Furthermore Veronika graduated from the University Mozarteum Salzburg with the Elementary Music and Dance Education course. There she wrote and composed a children’s play inspired by the four seasons, which enables children to stage dance with their own musical accompaniment.

Veronika loves to share her enthusiasm for music with others. She has taught children and adults a basic understanding in music, rhythm and movement. With her particular interest in intercultural music education she broadened her teaching skills by absolving the study course German as a Second Language in Kindergarten and Primary School. She gained intercultural teaching experience during her stays in Germany, Poland, and Chile, where she overcame language barriers through music and dance.