One of Veronika’s biggest influences was the record collection of her father. As a young child she used to listen, sing and dance to them until she finally began taking singing classes. Her first teacher was Liesel Burkhardt (Ludwigsburg, Germany), who had a strong interest in classical repertoire and introduced her to the world of the Kunstlied, Oratorias and Opera. She continued singing with Christine Vallon (Esslingen, Germany) who enabled Veronika to join her Magic Flute Ensemble with the roles 1st lady and Pamina. They performed several beneficial concerts in the area of Stuttgart (Germany) to raise support for child cancer and to promote sound therapy.

For her studies in the Music Education Program (Master of Arts) at the University of Würzburg she relocated to Bavaria. With her mentor Karen Davis she continued working on classical voice technique and broadened her repertoire by studying Polish folk songs and musical theater repertoire. In this time she also had the opportunity to join the Opera Choir of the Young Opera Stuttgart (Germany) singing regularly in performances of Mozart’s Zaide.

Currently she studies singing and acting in New York City to continuously extend her musical theater repertoire.